TS-H5023 gas water heater intelligent temperature control system

TS-H5023 gas water heater intelligent temperature control system

Using area

Apply to the gas water heaters with constant temperature model with DC steeples modulating fan, gas proportional valve.

Products function and features

  • Equipped with water volume server, block valve control function, according to different usage request.it can adjust the water inlet volume automatically, air inlet volume double adjustment.
  • Equipped with inlet water temperature sensor, utilize FF, FB double control ways to realize swift and accurate constant temperature.
  • Gas proportional control valve output constant electricity current DC20-260mA, it can be applicable for different brands gas valve.
  • Keep memory of user' s habit, the system can react quickly and increase the water temperature rapidly when using again.
  • Equipped with ОТ (OpenTherm) line controller function (Let the terminal dangling when no usage.)
  • Equipped with anti-freezing function(DHW request have priority), to prevent system pipeline from freezing and damaging the machine, Under Down status, when it detects the pipe water temperature to decrease to below 6°C, it will start the anti-freezing heating device. When the temperature reaches 15°C, shut down heating output and enter down status.
  • Has overheat protection, flame-out protection, solenoid valve drive abnormal protection, flue blockage protection, fan speed abnormal protection, temperature sensor abnormal protection etc multiple protection functions.

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