TS-HM010 wall mounted gas boiler control system

TS-HM010 wall mounted gas boiler control system

Using area

Non-condensing fan assisted wall mounted gas boilers

Products function and features

  • Adopting switch power supply design, AC160-AC264V wide operating voltage.
  • Applicable for the model with plate hot water heat exchanger and model with casing pipe type hot water heat exchanger.
  • Applicable for the model with heating pipeline which adopting digital pressure sensor and mechanical pressure switch.
  • Applicable for the model with DHW pipeline which adopting digital pulse water flow volume sensor and level flap switch.
  • Flexibly adjusting the maximum operating temperature of domestic hot water and heating water according to different using environments.
  • Built-in intelligent climate compensation function (should be used in conjunction with the outdoor temperature sensor)
  • Applicable for models with gas shut-off valve using AC220V and AC220V full-wave rectifier power supply.
  • Gas proportional control valve outputs constant current DC20-210mA, applicable for different brands of gas valve.
  • Heating output power can be adjusted flexibly adapting to different heating demand.
  • Built-in ОТ wired remote control function (this port can be shorted circuit when not using)
  • Built-in poles anti-freezing function can prevent freeze to the piping system and then damage the machine. In non-heating mode, when detecting the water temperature in heating pipe drops below 8°C, electric three-way valve will be automatically switched to the heating position, and circulating pump runs into the first-stage anti-freezing mode, during this period , if the water temperature in heating pipes reaches 12°С , circulating pump will stop running automatically and exit anti-freezing mode: If the water temperature in the heating pipe keeps dropping below 5°C, the system will start up the burner automatically to enter the second stage combustion anti-freezing mode, and will exit the anti-freezing mode and restore the original working state until the water temperature in heating pipes reach 30°C.
  • With multiple protection functions like over-heat protection, flame-out protection, electromagnetic valve drive abnormal protection, flue system blockage protection, fan speed abnormal protection and temperature sensor falling off detection etc.
  • Display interface using RS232 communication mode, can flexibility choose display with a variety of different specifications with no need to change the hardware and software of master controller.
  • With wireless room thermostat function, flue gas temperature detection function (option).

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