TS-HM136 wall mounted gas boiler control system

TS-HM136 wall mounted gas boiler control system

Using area

Non-condensing fan assisted wall mounted gas boilers

Products function and features

  • Switching power supply, working voltage AC160-AC264V.
  • Apply to boilers which use plate-type heat exchanger and casing pipe heat exchanger.
  • Apply to boiler which the heating pipeline is using digital decline pressure sensor and mechanical pressure switch.
  • Mostly use for the boilers which the domestic hot water pipeline is using digital pulse water flow sensor.
  • Be able to adjusting heating operation temperature flexibly according to the different using environment.
  • Apply to boiler which the gas stop valve is AC220V, and power supply is AC220V full-wave rectification.
  • Gas proportional valve constant output current DC20-210mA, which is apply to different brand gas proportional valve.
  • Built-in indoor temperature controller function (when not in use, only need to short circuit by connected with wire.)
  • Built-in two level anti-freezing function to prevent the damage cause by pipeline system freezing. When not under the heating operating mode and detects that the temperature in heating pipeline fall to below 8°C , electric three-way valve will turn to heating position automatic, circuit pump enter into first level pump anti-freezing mode, once the water temperature in heating pipeline rise to 12°C in this period, the circuit pump will stop operation and quite the anti-freezing mode automatically ; If the water temperature in heating pipeline continue to fall to below 5°C, system will turn on burner to enter the second level burning anti-freezing mode, and do not quite the mode and return to primary working condition until the water temperature in heating pipeline rise to 30°C.
  • With multiple defensive function, such as overheat protection, flame-out protection, solenoid valve drive abnormal protection, flue blocking protection, fan rotation speed abnormal protection, temperature sensor abnormal protection, temperature sensor fall-off detection and so on.
  • Connector for display is RS232 communication mode, which is able to choose different specification display and no need to change the hardware and software of main controller.
  • With wireless indoor temperature controller.

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