TS-HM400 condensing wall mounted boiler control system

TS-HM400 condensing wall mounted boiler control system

Using area

Condensing wall mounted gas boilers

Products function and features

  • Applicable to high-efficiency energy-saving condensing wall mounted boiler.
  • Adopts ON-OFF switch mode design, AC160~AC264V working voltage, with over-voltage, low-voltage protection function.
  • Built-in AC variable frequency fan control unit, to control air and gas mixture ratio more precisely and quickly.
  • Built-in AC variable frequency pump control unit, to achieve the target of accurate and rapid heating operation.
  • Applicable to plate heat exchanger models and casing pipe heat exchanger models.
  • Applicable to heating pipeline with digital pressure sensor and mechanical pressure switch models.
  • Applicable to DHW pipeline with digital pulse water flow sensor and level flap switch models.
  • According to the different using environment, flexible adjustment of DHW and maximum heating operation temperature.
  • Built-in gas cut-off valve drive double protection for hardware and software during abnormal condition.
  • Built-in smart climate compensation function (need to be used with outdoor temperature sensor).
  • Applicable to gas cut-off valve, to adopt AC220V and AC220V full-wave rectifier power supply model.
  • Gas proportional control valve output CC current DC20-210mA, applicable to different brands of gas valve.
  • Heating output capacity can be adjusted flexibly, applicable to different heating demand.
  • Built-in ОТ wire controller function (when not in use, use wire short circuit the port).
  • Built-in poles anti-freezing function, to prevent system pipeline from freezing damage to the machine.During non-heating mode, when detected the heating pipe water temperature dropped below 8°C, electric three-way valve automatically change to heating position, the circulating water pump enter into First Grade pump anti-freezing mode, during this period if heating pipe water temperature reach 12°C, the circulating water pump stop operation, automatically exit anti-freezing mode,  Tf the heating pipe water temperature decline below 5°C, the system automatically start up the burner,  and enter into secondary combustion anti-freezing mode, until the heating pipe water temperature up to 30°C to exit anti-freezing mode, and back to the former working condition.
  • Overheating protection, flame-out protection, solenoid drive abnormal protection, flue blocking protection, fan speed abnormality protection,  condensed water overflow protection, abnormal temperature sensor protection, temperature sensor fall-off detection, flue gas temperature detection and other multiple protection functions.
  • Display interface using RS232 communication mode can flexibly choose a variety of different specifications of displays without the alterations of hardware and software for the main controller.
  • Having wireless indoor controller function, CO detection protection (need coordinate with CO detection module)

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