TS-SM201 condensing gas boiler control system

TS-SM201 condensing gas boiler control system

Using area

Modern enerdy-saving type condensing wall hung gas boiler.

Products function and features

  • Adopt switch power supply design,
  • AC160-AC264V wide working voltage, as well with overvoltage, undervoltage protection function.
  • Equipped with AC stepless speed modulating fan control system, it can control the air and gas mix proportion more accurately and quickly.
  • Apply to model with plate heat exchanger and model with bithermic heat exchanger.
  • Apply to the model which heating pipe use digital pressure sensor and mechanical pressure switch.
  • Apply to the model which DHW pipe use digital pulse water flow sensor and electrical level flap type switch.
  • It can flexibly adjust the DHW and heating maximum operating temperature according to the different service environment.
  • Equipped with smart climate compensation function ( Need to be used with outdoor temperature sensor)
  • Apply to the model which gas stop valve adopting the AC220V and AC220V full-wave rectifier power supply.
  • Gas proportional control valve output constant electricity current DC20-210mA, it can be applicable for different brands gas valve.
  • Heating outlet power can be flexible adjusted, applicable to different heating request.
  • Equipped with ОТ (Open Therm) line controller function (When not using, connect with this terminal by wire)
  • It equipped with anti-freezing function, to prevent system pipeline freeze damage the machine. Under non-heating working status, when it detects the heating pipe water temperature decrease to below 8°C, electrical 3 way valve will switch to heating position, circulating pump operation will enter to first class water pump anti-freezing mode, if the heating pipe water temperature reaches to +12°C during this period, the circulating pump will stop running and exit anti-freezing mode. If the heating pipe water temperature will keep below 5°C, system will automatically enter second class burning anti-freezing mode. It will exit the anti-freezing mode and return to the former working status when the heating pipe water temperature reaches 30°C.
  • It has overheat protecting, flame-out protection, solenoid valve drive abnormal protection, flue blocking protection, fan speed abnormal protection, condensing water overflow protection, temperature sensor abnormal protection, temperature sensor drop detect, flue-gas temperature detect etc multiple protection functions.
  • Display terminal adopts RS232 communication mode, it can flexibly choose variable different specification display and not need to change the PCB' s hardware and software.
  • Equipped with wireless room thermostat function, CO detect protection function( Need to be used with CO detect module)

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