Innovative BLDC* variable speed pumps and fans for different demands – heating, air condition, water supply.
*BLDC – BrushLess Direct Current motor with permanent magnets technology
  • DC variable speed fan

    DC variable speed fan for HVAC applications

  • Domestic cold & hot water pumps

    Booster domestic cold water pumps allow to increase and keep stable the cold water pressure and flow in domestic household.
    Special intelligent DHW (domestic hot-water) circulating pumps allow to keep the hot water in tap ready to use with maximal comfort and energy saving.

  • Special pumps for boilers and water heaters (with external PWM control)

    Circulating and boosting pumps with "wet rotor" technology specially designed for using in wall-hung boilers (WHB) and instantaneous gas water heaters (GWH). With external PWM (pulse-width modulation) speed control by boiler's or heater's PCB.

  • Special pumps for HVAC applications (heating, ventialation, air conditioning)

    UPMH/S/M/L/XL SIRIES circulating pumps are highly adaptable and specialized for heating, solar, heat pump, air conditioning HVAC system to development and design up to 4 constant pressure curve, proportional pressure curve, the maximum operating curve and control by the external PWM control mode.

  • Universal purpose circulating pumps for HVAC applications

    Circulating variable speed BLDC pumps with "wet rotor" technology for small heating system, ventilating and air conditioning system, etc. With option for external PWM (pulse-width modulation) or internal speed control (PP/CP/CC and AUTO adapt function). With most used at the market inlet-outlet length 130 and 180mm.