WHM series circulating pump for wall-hung boilers (external PWM control)

WHM series circulating pump for wall-hung boilers (external PWM control) WHM series circulating pump for wall-hung boilers (external PWM control) WHM series circulating pump for wall-hung boilers (external PWM control)

WHM 15-50, WHM 15-60 and WHM 15-70 – special series for wall mounted gas boiler

WHM INVERTER pump is high variable speed ECM circulating pump which is special designed for wall-mounted gas boilers. Comparing with regular AC pump of same size, it can saves electrical energy more than 80%, its energy efficiency level and design are accordance with requirements of EU.

Double control mode:

Through the external controller of digital pulse width modulation low voltage signal (PWM) from boiler's control PCB or built-in internal intelligent control user interface, it operates under following available modes greatly satisfy with complex condition requirements of equipment system:
- constant speed
- constant pressure
- proportion pressure
- maximum curve
- automatic mode 

 Its applicability and reliability and economy are excellent. The form and quick-release connections of WHM pump plastic body is special designed for using inside modern gas wall-hung boilers and includes automatic air separator and purge valve.


WHM INVERTER pump motor is three-phase 4 stage permanent magnet motor, low energy consumption, low noise, low vibration, large flow volume, high lift. Product design conforms with the requirements of ecological environment design, and meet the requirements of EU EN16297 -2 and EN16297-3:2012, energy efficiency index EEK0.20

Outside control principle

WHM/HBM/UPM FLEX circulating pump is controlled through a digital low voltage pulse width modulation PWM signal, its rotating speed depends on input signal. HYBRID circulating pump is controlled internally or externally, and can be set to be controlled internally or externally according to the requirement of using site. The pump preformed configuration file determines the change rate of pump rotating speed.

Digital low voltage PWM control signal:

Square wave PWM signal is applicable for the frequency ranged from 100 to 4000Hz PWM signal is used for selecting speed(speed instruction),and is regarded as feedback signal. The PWM frequency of feedback signal in the circulating pump is fixed to 75Hz.

Multiple intelligent protection system

Ensure safe and stable use:
If one or more warning is detected by the circulation pump, dual-color LED1 switch from greed to red.
When warning is activated, LED indicates below warning type.
If several warning is activated at the same time, LED will only indicate the top priority malfunction. The priority is defined in accordance with sequence in table.
When no activated warning is recovered, the user interface switch to operation mode.

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